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1.7 The CLIM demos

To load the demo software, enter the following in a listener:

(require "clim-demo")

To run it, enter:


This creates a new window, containing a menu listing all the demos. Choose the demo you wish to see. The CLIM demos are quick sketches of possible applications which demonstrate a variety of CLIM programming techniques. They are not robust, production-quality applications with complete error checking, but they can provide you with some ideas.

The sources for all the demos are included. The test suite is a collection of examples of CLIM's capabilities. The testsuite examples are simple and succinct, so we recommend examining their sources for examples of CLIM's functionality that you may want to employ.

You can also run the demos directly, rather than using the menu, with the following function calls:

Function calls running each of the CLIM demos



Bicycle gearing


Custom output records






Ico demo


Bitmap editor


Graphics editor


Color chooser


Plotting demo




Address book


15 puzzle


Flight planner


CAD demo


Graphics demos


Lisp listener


Test suite



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