Common Lisp Interface Manager 2.0 User's Guide > Chapter 10 Panes and Gadgets > 10.2 Layout Panes


10.2.3 Composite Pane Generic Functions

pane-viewport [Generic Function]

Arguments: pane

Summary: Returns the pane's viewport, if one exists.

pane-viewport-region [Generic Function]

Arguments: pane

Summary: If a viewport for the pane exists, the viewport's region is returned.

pane-scroller [Generic Function]

Arguments: pane

Summary: Checks to see whether a pane has an associated scroller pane, and returns it if it does.

scroll-extent [Generic Function]

Arguments: pane x y

Summary: If the pane argument has an associated viewport, it resets the viewport to display the portion of the underlying stream starting at ( x , y ).

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