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3.3.2 Using Motif on Macintosh

Use of Motif with LispWorks is deprecated on the Macintosh, but you can still use it.

LispWorks is supplied as two images. One uses Cocoa as the default window system for CAPI and the LispWorks IDE, the other uses GTK+ as its default window system. Only this latter image can use the alternative Motif window system.

To use Motif you need to load it into the GTK+ LispWorks image, by:

(require "capi-motif")

Requiring the "capi-motif" module makes CAPI use Motif as its default library.

You can override the default library by specifying the appropriate CAPI screen. For more information about this, see the screen argument to display and convert-to-screen .

Note: you cannot load Motif into the Cocoa image.

Note: the GTK+ LispWorks image is installed on Macintosh when you select the X11 GUI option at install time. See the LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide for further information on installing this option.

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