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12.8 Working with images

Graphics Ports supports drawing a wide range of image types via your code. Also, several CAPI classes support the same image types.

To draw an image with Graphics Ports, you need an image object which is associated with an instance of capi:output-pane (or a subclass of this). You can create a image object from:

Draw the image to the pane by calling draw-image . Certain images ("Plain Images") can be manipulated via the Image Access API. The image should be freed by calling free-image when you are done with it.

capi:image-pinboard-object , capi:button , capi:list-view , capi:tree-view and capi:toolbar all support images. There is also limited support for images in capi:menu . These classes handle the drawing and freeing for you.

12.8.1 Supported image types

12.8.2 External images

12.8.3 Registering images

12.8.4 Loading images

12.8.5 Querying image dimensions

12.8.6 Drawing images

12.8.7 Image access

12.8.8 Creating external images from Graphics Ports operations

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