LispWorks CAPI User Guide


7 Modifying CAPI Windows

An interface or its children can be altered in many ways. This chapter describes APIs for the most common of these.

Note: By default, each CAPI interface runs in its process. It is important to understand that an on-screen interface and its elements must be accessed only in the process of that interface. In most circumstances the user alters the interface by a callback inside the interface, which will automatically happen in the correct process. However, calls from other processes (including other CAPI interfaces) should use execute-with-interface , execute-with-interface-if-alive or apply-in-pane-process . See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual for details of these functions.

7.1 Initialization

7.2 Resizing

7.3 Scrolling

7.4 Swapping panes and layouts

7.5 Setting the data in a pane

7.6 Iconifying and restoring windows

7.7 Destroying

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