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4.3.3 Editor panes

Editor panes can be created using the editor-pane element.

(setq editor 
      (make-instance 'editor-pane 
                     "some text in an editor pane"))
(contain editor)

The Editor tool in the LispWorks IDE, as described in the LispWorks IDE User Guide and the LispWorks Editor User Guide , uses editor-pane .

Figure 4.5 An editor pane

Note: when you supply the :buffer-name initarg and/or the :text initarg with positive length, then the editor-pane initially displays a new buffer containing that text and/or with the specified buffer name. If you do not supply one of those arguments, then the editor-pane displays some existing editor buffer chosen at random. See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual for details.

The cursor in an editor-pane blinks on and off under the control of the editor-pane-blink-rate mechanism.

An editor-pane can be made non-editable by users with the initarg :enabled :read-only , or completely disabled with :enabled nil .

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