12.7 IDE changes

See the Common LispWorks User Guide for details of the features mentioned.

12.7.1 Compilation output highlights warnings and errors

12.7.2 Compilation Conditions Browser improved

12.7.3 Dragging files to the Editor

12.7.4 Control of prompting on exit

12.7.5 Controlling the floating toolbar on Cocoa

12.7.6 Hiding toolbars

12.7.7 Recent Files menu

12.7.8 Listener File menu commands

12.7.9 Accelerator keys for tools

12.7.10 In-place completion in text input panes

12.7.11 Controlling completion behavior

12.7.12 Improved filtering of lists

12.7.13 Debugger display of frames and arguments

12.7.14 Pasting Clipboard objects

12.7.15 Defining Stepper breakpoints

12.7.16 Colors in the Symbol Browser

12.7.17 Hiding accessors in the Class Browser

12.7.18 System Browser graph menus

12.7.19 Preferences keyboard shortcut

12.7.20 Native editor emulation improvements

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008