12.3 New CAPI features

See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual for more details of these.

12.3.1 OLE embedding

12.3.2 Drag and drop

12.3.3 "metafile" support on Cocoa

12.3.4 Keyboard shortcuts on Cocoa

12.3.5 The Mac OS X Dock menu

12.3.6 The Application Services menu

12.3.7 Vista icons

12.3.8 New class supports filtering

12.3.9 Color in list items on Windows

12.3.10 Automatic resizing of pinboard objects

12.3.11 Better control over size of tab and switchable layouts

12.3.12 Browsing for application bundles

12.3.13 editor-pane change callback

12.3.14 editor-pane input callbacks

12.3.15 New ways to control line wrapping in editor-pane

12.3.16 Help button for text input panes

12.3.17 Finding the active interface

12.3.18 Controlling window titles

12.3.19 Avoiding updates on a destroyed interface

12.3.20 OpenGL example updated

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008