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LispWorks (32-bit) for Windows and LispWorks (32-bit) for Macintosh both map by default at #x20000000 . Since these platforms support reservation, normally you will not need to do anything special about this.

Problems may however arise if LispWorks operates in conjunction with non-relocatable software which insists on using addresses at #x20000000 or some distance above, in which case you will need to relocate LispWorks.

LispWorks (32-bit) for Windows can in principle grow up to some distance below #x80000000 (almost 1.5GB) but there is always the possibility that some DLL will be mapped in this region. On startup, it reserves 0.5GB above its location, so that much is guaranteed.

LispWorks (32-bit) for Macintosh can grow to around 2.7GB. You can relocate it only on the Intel architecture.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008