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All the functions mentioned in this section are applicable to internal LOBs only, except ora-lob-load-from-file .

Before modifying a LOB, the corresponding record must be locked. See the discussion in Locking.

If you make several modifications to a LOB which has functional or domain indexes, it is useful to wrap several calls of modifying functions in a pair of ora-lob-open and ora-lob-close . That means that the indexes will be updated once (when ora-lob-close is called), which saves work. Note that after a call to ora-lob-open , ora-lob-close must be called before any call to commit .

To append the contents of one LOB to another, use ora-lob-append .

You can copy all or part of a LOB into another LOB using ora-lob-copy .

ora-lob-load-from-file loads the data from a file LOB into an (internal) LOB.

You can erase (that is, fill with the 0 byte or with Space character) all or part of a LOB using ora-lob-erase .

You can reduce the size of a LOB using ora-lob-trim .

If you need to make multiple updates to a LOB you can optionally create a transaction using ora-lob-open and ora-lob-close call. This may save work on the server side.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008