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You can test whether a LOB locator is initialized, open or temporary with ora-lob-locator-is-init , ora-lob-is-open or ora-lob-is-temporary .

The predicate for internal LOBs is ora-lob-internal-lob-p .

ora-lob-element-type returns a Lisp element type corresponding to the LOB locator as described Determining the type of a LOB.

ora-lob-lob-locator , ora-lob-env-handle and ora-lob-svc-ctx-handle return foreign pointers to the various handles in the LOB mentioned in Interactions with foreign calls. To determine the best value for the size of a buffer use ora-lob-get-chunk-size .

ora-lob-char-set-form and ora-lob-char-set-id query the charset of a lob-locator .

The querying functions specifically for file LOBs are ora-lob-file-exists , ora-lob-file-is-open and ora-lob-file-get-name

You can obtain the current length of the LOB with ora-lob-get-length .

You can test two LOB locators for whether they point to the same LOB object with ora-lob-is-equal .

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008