20.9.7 Table types

By default, create-table creates tables of the default type. This behaviour can be overridden by the connect keyword arguments :default-table-type and :default-table-extra-options , and the :type and :extra-options keyowrd arguments to create-table .

If type is passed to create-table or default-table-type was passed to connect , it is used as the argument to the "keyword" TYPE in the SQL statement:

create table MyTable ( column-specs ) TYPE = type-value

If extra-options is passed to create-table or default-table-extra-options was passed to connect , it is appended in the end of the SQL statement above.

connect with default-table-type and create-table with type also accept the keyword argument :support-transactions . When support-transactions is true, these functions will attempt to make tables that support transactions. It does this by using the type innodb .

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008