20.2.4 Database libraries

Note: This section applies only to Unix/Linux systems.

A database directory environment variable specifies the root of the database directories. This variable is checked by LispWorks when you initialize a database type, and the libraries loaded are dependent on its value. The details of foreign code loading are described in the LispWorks Foreign Language Interface User Guide and Reference Manual

Note that most users only need to set the appropriate environment variable for their specific database vendor.

In order to override the default loading of database library code, you may set *sql-libraries* . To control messages while loading the libraries, set *sql-loading-verbose* .

In LispWorks for UNIX only (not LispWorks for Linux, FreeBSD or Macintosh), the list of library modules is added to link-load:*default-libraries* and link-load:read-foreign-modules is called to do the loading. If you need to load a different set of library modules, add your list of library modules to link-load:*default-libraries* before loading.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008