20.1.1 Overview

Common SQL is designed to provide both embedded and transparent access to relational databases from the LispWorks environment. That is, SQL/relational data can be directly manipulated from within Lisp, and also used as necessary when instantiating or accessing particular Lisp objects.

The SQL interface allows the following:

The SQL interface provides these features through two complementary layers:

The functional interface provides users with Lisp functions which map onto standard SQL DML and DDL commands. Special iteration constructs which utilize these functions are also provided. The object-oriented interface allows users to manipulate database views as CLOS classes via def-view-class . The two interfaces may be flexibly combined in accordance with system requirements and user preference. For example, a select query can be used to initialize slots in a CLOS instance; conversely, accessing a CLOS slot may trigger an implicit functional query.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008