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To use general topics, the LispWorks application must define one or more subclasses of dde-topic . If an application supports only a single type of document, it will typically require only one topic class. If several different types of document are supported, it may be convenient to define a different topic class for each type of document.

If the application uses general topics, it should define a method on the dde-server-topics generic function, specializing on the application's server class.


Generic Function

dde-server-topics server

The generic function dde-server-topics returns a list of the available general topics on a given server. A suitable method specializing on the server class should be defined. Dispatching topics should not be returned, as they are handled automatically by LispWorks. If you do not provide a dde-server-topics method, the default method returns :unknown , which prevents the DDE server from responding to the topics request.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008