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mp:*initial-processes* is a list of lists. Each list is used by the system as a set of arguments to mp:process-run-function . During initializing multiprocessing, the system does this:

(dolist (x mp:*initial-processes*)
  (apply 'mp:process-run-function x))

This script saves a LispWorks image which starts multiprocessing on restart and runs a user-defined process.

(load "my-server-code")
(push '("Start Server" () start-my-server)
(save-image "my-server"
            :remarks "My Server"
            :restart-function 'mp:initialize-multiprocessing
            :environment nil)

See save-image in the LispWorks Reference Manual for a description of how to save an image.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008