15.1.1 Instance Structure Protocol

The generic functions implementing slot access are like those described in AMOP, except that each takes a slot-name argument rather than a slot definition object, and the primary methods are therefore specialized differently.

For details, see the LispWorks Reference Manual pages for slot-boundp-using-class , slot-value-using-class and slot-makunbound-using-class .

Note: by default, standard slot accessors are optimized to not call slot-value-using-class. This can be overidden with the :optimize-slot-access class option. See the second definition of virtual-metaclass below for an example of the use of this.

standard-instance-access is not supported as defined in AMOP. Note that there is an internal function of the same name, but this is not optimal. Also, funcallable-standard-instance-access is not supported. An alternative for fast instance access is to use the :optimize-slot-access class option.

LispWorks User Guide - 11 Mar 2008