C function

Returns the address of a foreign callable.


On Windows:

void __stdcall *LispWorksDlsym (const char * name )

On Linux/Macintosh/FreeBSD:

void *LispWorksDlsym (const char * name )


The C function LispWorksDlsym returns the address of a foreign callable name which is defined in Lisp using fli:define-foreign-callable .

LispWorkDlsym first checks if the LispWorks dynamic library finished initializing, and if not uses InitLispWorks to initialize it (with MilliTimeOut 200). If this fails LispWorkDlsym returns NULL. When the LispWorks dynamic library is initialized, LispWorksDlsym returns the address of name , or NULL if it is not defined.

LispWorksDlsym is defined in each LispWorks dynamic library. For information about creating a LispWorks dynamic library, see deliver and save-image. For an overview of LispWorks as a dynamic library, see the section "LispWorks as a dynamic library in the LispWorks User Guide .

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