Generic Function

Returns the documention string if available.




documentation x doc-type => documentation

(setf documentation) new-value x doc-type => new-value


The generic function documentation operates as specified in the ANSI Common Lisp standard. Additional methods with signatures:

documentation ( dspec t) ( doc-type (eql 'dspec:dspec))

(setf documentation) new-value ( dspec t) ( doc-type (eql 'dspec:dspec))

are provided.

This method allows finding or setting the documentation string when you know the dspec. See the LispWorks User Guide for an introduction to dspecs.

dspec must be a dspec, but it can be non-canonical. This method canonicalizes dspec and then calls documentation with the name as the first argument and the appropriate dspec class name as the second, thereby calling a standard documentation method.

If you define your own type of definitions ( def-saved-value for example) with define-dspec-class you can add methods on documentation for your dspec class:

(documentation ( dspec t) ( doc-type (eql ' def-saved-value ))

This allows LispWorks IDE commands such as Expression > Documentation to display the documentation.

LispWorks Reference Manual - 12 Mar 2008