1.3 Using the License Server

The Lisp distribution contains three executables: hqn_lsd , hqn_lsa , and hqn_cp . They may have platform-specific names in your distribution (for example, hqn_lsa-rs6k ), but throughout this manual we use the generic names. The UNIX manual pages for each of them are the documentation tar file on your distribution CD--see the Release and Installation Notes for more precise details.

These executable files should be installed on your system in an appropriate place (for instance, /usr/local/bin ). Permits for the License Server will be supplied to you by LispWorks Ltd. Also see Changing permit details for information on hqn_cp .

The basic procedure for running the License Server with LispWorks and its add-on products consists of four steps:

  1. Add machine-name aliases hqnserver1 , hqnserver2 , ..., hqnserver n to each of the n machines to be used for running the License Server.
  2. Place the License Server permits in a suitable directory on each of these n machines. If a permit is placed in the same directory as the executable, then that License Server should run without further configuration.
  3. Run hqn_lsd on each of these machines, and edit your rc.local files (or whichever files are appropriate for your systems) so that hqn_lsd is automatically started whenever the machines are rebooted.
  4. Reconfigure the Lisp image according to the instructions in Installing Lisp for use with the License Server, above.

For full details on the first two steps, you should refer to Setting up domains with more than one host and Location of license permit files.

LispWorks Guide to the License Server - 29 Jan 2008