3.1 Overview

The hqn_lsa utility is available to the superuser for interrogating and configuring the hqn_lsd License Server daemon. It accepts commands either from the command line, from an interactive shell, from the standard input or from a file. The commands available are the same as the command line options, but the leading hyphen is omitted. It is called from a UNIX shell as follows:

hqn_lsa [- option ][ - | filename ]

If no options are given hqn_lsa enters a simple interactive mode, with a prompt which indicates the currently connected server(s). By default it attempts to connect to the lowest numbered active hqnserver on startup, or if none are available, to the local host. The -w option can be used to adjust the maximum time it will try to make a connection.

With ` - ' or filename commands are read from stdin or a file, and a prompt is not supplied. The -y option can be used to suppress confirmations required by certain commands.

LispWorks Guide to the License Server - 29 Jan 2008