3.5 File handling

This section contains details of commands used for file handling.

The first section provides details on commands used to copy the contents of a file into a buffer for editing, while the second deals with copying the contents of buffers to files.

You may at some point have seen file names either enclosed in # characters or followed by a ~ character. These files are created by the editor as backups for the file named. The third section deals with periodic backups (producing file names enclosed in # ) and the fourth with backups on file saving (producing files followed by ~ ).

There are many file handling commands which cannot be pigeon-holed so neatly and these are found in the section Miscellaneous file operations. Commands use to print, insert, delete and rename files are covered here, along with many others.

3.5.1 Finding files

3.5.2 Saving files

3.5.3 Auto-saving files

3.5.4 Backing-up files on saving

3.5.5 Miscellaneous file operations

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