6.2 Specifying the initial tools

By default the LispWorks IDE starts up with the Podium and a Listener.

If you want to see other tools each time you start Common LispWorks, then you can add action items in your personal initalization file, or in a saved image.

For example, to start an Editor tool, define an action on the pre-defined "Initialize LispWorks tools" action-list:

(define-action "Initialize LispWorks tools"
               "Make an Editor Tool"
               #'(lambda (screen)
                   (capi:find-interface 'lw-tools:editor
                                        :screen screen))
               :after "Create default the tools")

Note: the names of the various tools are exported in the LW-TOOLS package.

For more information about action lists, including an example which opens specific files in the Editor tool, see the LispWorks User Guide .

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008