3.13.1 Invoking completion

When a command prompts for input in the echo area, the keys Tab , ? and Space can invoke completion, depending on the context.

In the Editor tool, a variety of completion commands are available. For example, in Emacs emulation Meta +Ctrl+I invokes the command Complete Symbol . See the LispWorks Editor User Guide for details of this and other editor commands.

In the Shell tool, Tab expands filenames.

In the Listener tool using Emacs emulation, Escape Tab expands filenames.

In many text input panes such as the Class: field of a Class Browser tool, Up and Down invoke in-place completion while pressing the button raises a completion dialog.

Also, clicking the button to the right of a text input pane raises a modal completion dialog, as described in Completion dialog.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008