27.2.4 Displaying different types of window

There are several types of window object which can be displayed in the Window Browser, and you can configure which types are displayed using the Display Component panel of the Components tab in the Preferences dialog. Six options are available; select whichever ones you want to display.

Below, the current window means the window that is at the root of the graph.


Displays the major layouts available to the current window. For the parent window of the environment, this means all the windows that have been created. For an individual window, this means the configuration of the different panes in that window.


Displays CAPI panes in the current window.

Pinboard Objects

Displays any pinboard objects in the current window. See the CAPI User Guide for a full description of pinboard objects.


Displays any menus available to the current window.

Menu Items

Displays any menu items available to the current window. This option only takes effect if Menus is selected as well.

Toolbar Items

Displays any toolbar items available to the current window.

By default, all these options are selected in the Window Browser.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008