25.4.1 Shortcut keys for the Stepper

The following Editor commands run the corresponding Stepper command in the current stepper:

Stepper Breakpoint
Stepper Continue
Stepper Macroexpand
Stepper Next
Stepper Restart
Stepper Show Current Source
Stepper Step
Stepper Step Through Call
Stepper Step To Call
Stepper Step To Cursor
Stepper Step To End
Stepper Step To Value
Stepper Undo Macroexpand

These commands can be bound to keys in the LispWorks editor, which makes those keys invoke the command in a Stepper tool. For example:

(editor:bind-key "Stepper Step" #("Control-S" Control-s"))

Note: the editor key binding only takes effect when the input focus is in the Source or Listener panes of the Stepper tool.

For more information about Editor key bindings, see the LispWorks Editor User Guide .

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008