3.3.4 Searching for text and objects

You can search for and change text in most tools using Edit > Find... , Edit > Find Next , and Edit > Replace... .

Choose Edit > Find... to find an item in the current tool (this might be a piece of text, or a fragment of Common Lisp, or an object, depending on the tool). You must supply an item to find in the dialog that appears.

Choose Edit > Find Next if you want to search for the next occurrence of an item you have already found. This command does not prompt you for an item to find, and so is only available if you have already found something.

Choose Edit > Replace... if you want to replace one string of text with another. A dialog box prompts you for a text string to find, and a text string to replace it with. This command is only available in the Editor and the Listener, and is most useful in the Editor.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008