19.6 Defining the callbacks

This section shows you how to create the callback functions you need to define in order to complete the working example.

  1. Choose File > New or click
  2. to create a new file.
  3. Choose File > Save or click
  4. to save the file. Save it in the same directory you saved ib-example.lisp , and call this new file ib-callbacks.lisp .
  5. In the editor, specify the package for the callback definitions by typing the following into the ib-callbacks.lisp file:
  6. (in-package "COMMON-LISP-USER")
  7. Enter the function definitions given in the rest of this section.
  8. Choose File > Save or click
  9. to save the file when you have entered all the function definitions.

The functions that you need to define in this file are divided into the following categories:

19.6.1 Callbacks to update the display pane

19.6.2 Callbacks to display data in a dialog

19.6.3 Callbacks for menu items

19.6.4 Other miscellaneous functions

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