17.2.4 Description area

When you select an item in the Symbols list, various properties of that symbol are displayed in the Description area as appropriate. These can include:

Home Package:

The name of the symbol's home package and an indication of whether it is external or internal


The symbol name


The dspec class names for any definitions known to the system

Visible In:

The names of the packages (other than the home package) that the symbol is visible in


The function or macro function

Lambda List:

The lambda list of the function or macro, if known to the system


The symbol plist, if non- nil


The value of a variable or constant


The class name, representing the class object

Select an item in the Description list to perform an operation on it. For example, if the symbol has a class definition, you can select the Class: item and do Description > Listen to transfer the class object to the Listener tool.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008