3.1.6 Toolbar configurations

Most tools have toolbars offering one-click access to frequently-used commands. For example, the Editor has a toolbar for operating on source code.

Figure 3.1 The Editor's source operations toolbar

You may prefer to remove such toolbars. You can control whether a tool displays its toolbars by the option Show Toolbar .

To hide toolbars for the active tool:

  1. Choose Works > Tools > Preferences... .
  2. The Preferences dialog for the active window appears.

  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Uncheck Show Toolbar and press OK to confirm the dialog.

Note: The functionality of each toolbar is available elsewhere. For example the Editor's source code operations are also available on the Buffer , Definitions and Expression menus.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008