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The text styles used in syntax coloring have these meanings and default appearance:

Syntax styles

Style Name


Default appearance

Region Highlight

The active region

Native highlight

Show Point

Matching parentheses

:green background

Interactive Input

Input in a Listener or Shell



Editor help such as Describe Bindings



Dynamic and in-place completions. Transient.

Modified background

Lisp Function Name

Name in defun , defmacro , defmethod and defgeneric forms

:blue foreground

Lisp Comment

Comments and feature expressions

:firebrick foreground

Lisp Type

Name in deftype or other def... form, or lambda list keyword such as &optional

:forestgreen foreground

Lisp Variable Name

Name in defvar or defparameter forms

:darkgoldenrod foreground

Lisp String

A string literal

:rosybrown foreground

Lisp Keyword

defun , defmacro or other definer named def...

:purple foreground

Lisp Builtin

A keyword symbol

:orchid foreground

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