12.7 Setting Editor preferences

You can configure many aspects of the Editor tool, including:

To configure the Editor tool choose Works > Tools > Preferences... within an Editor to display the Editor Preferences dialog.

Figure 12.9 Editor Preferences dialog

First specify your change in the Editor Preferences dialog. To make the change without dismissing the dialog, choose Apply . This is useful when experimenting with your configuration. To make the change and dismiss the dialog, choose OK .

Your change is preserved for your next LispWorks session.

12.7.1 Sorting items in lists

12.7.2 Displaying package information

12.7.3 Controlling toolbar display

12.7.4 Automatic filters on dialogs

12.7.5 Automatic use of Find Definitions view

12.7.6 Configuring the editor emulation

12.7.7 Setting the editor font

12.7.8 Setting the text style attributes

12.7.9 Setting the default encodings

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