9.1 Introduction

The Compilation Conditions Browser gives you an interface to the warning and error conditions you are likely to encounter when compiling your source code. It allows you to see the relationship between different errors or warnings encountered during compilation, and gives you immediate access to the source code which produced them.

You can use it to view the conditions signaled during compilation of files from any part of the environment: whether you are compiling files using the System Browser or the Editor, any ensuing conditions can be displayed in the Compilation Conditions Browser. The Compilation Conditions Browser requires the source code to come from a file.

The Compilation Conditions Browser has two views.

To create a Compilation Conditions Browser, you can choose Works > Tools > Compilation Conditions Browser or click in the Podium.

A more common way to create a Compilation Conditions Browser is to press Return when the Output tab (of any tool) reports compilation conditions. See Compiling in memory for details.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008