7.5.3 List of functions or methods

This lists either the generic functions with applicable methods for the current class, or the applicable methods for the current class. Items selected in this list can be operated on via the Methods menu, as described in Operations specific to the current function or method. Double-clicking on a function or method displays its source code definition in the Editor, if possible.

Select Methods or Generic Functions from the drop-down list box to choose which type of information to list.

If Include Inherited is checked, generic functions or methods inherited from the superclasses of the current class are displayed.

If Include Accessors is checked, accessor methods/functions are displayed. When Include Accessors is not checked, methods/functions defined by the :readers , :writers and :accessors slot options in defclass are omitted from the display.

You can alter the default settings of these options in the Slots/Functions tab of the Class Browser Preferences dialog. Choose Works > Tools > Preferences... to display this dialog.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008