2 A Short Tutorial

This chapter gives you a short tutorial illustrating simple use of some of the major tools in the environment, and attempts to familiarize you with the way that tools can be used developing Common Lisp applications.

Note that some of the examples given in this chapter use symbols taken from the CAPI library. Do not worry if you are not familiar with the CAPI (if, for instance, you have been using another library, such as CLIM, to develop your applications). It is not essential that you fully understand the example code used in order to gain benefit from the tutorial. If you wish to learn more about the CAPI, you should refer to the LispWorks CAPI User Guide and the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual , both of which are supplied in electronic form with your LispWorks software. The Help menu allows you to search all documentation from inside the Common LispWorks environment.

Note: When using the X11/Motif GUI, before you start working through the tutorial, ensure that the DISPLAY UNIX environment variable is set correctly, and that you have started Common LispWorks, for example by


To maintain continuity, try to work your way through the whole of this tutorial in one session.

2.1 Starting the environment

2.2 Creating a Listener

2.3 Using the Debugger

2.4 Viewing output

2.5 Inspecting objects using the Inspector

2.6 Examining classes in the Class Browser

2.7 Summary

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