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4.2.1 Data Type Definition

Information about type usage is located in the sections specified in Figure 4-1. Figure 4-7 lists some classes that are particularly relevant to the object system. Figure 9-1 lists the defined condition types.

Section                                      Data Type                          

Section 4.3 (Classes) Object System types Section 7.5 (Slots) Object System types Section 7 (Objects) Object System types Section 7.6 (Generic Functions and Methods) Object System types Section 9.1 (Condition System Concepts) Condition System types Section 4 (Types and Classes) Miscellaneous types Section 2 (Syntax) All types---read and print syntax Section 22.1 (The Lisp Printer) All types---print syntax Section 3.2 (Compilation) All types---compilation issues

Figure 4-1. Cross-References to Data Type Information

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