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Data Arguments Required:

a value to use instead (on an ongoing basis).


The store-value restart is generally used by handlers trying to recover from errors of types such as cell-error or type-error, which may wish to supply a replacement datum to be stored permanently.


 (defun type-error-auto-coerce (c)
   (when (typep c 'type-error)
     (let ((r (find-restart 'store-value c)))
       (handler-case (let ((v (coerce (type-error-datum c)
                                      (type-error-expected-type c))))
                       (invoke-restart r v))
         (error ()))))) =>  TYPE-ERROR-AUTO-COERCE
 (let ((x 3))
   (handler-bind ((type-error #'type-error-auto-coerce))
     (check-type x float)
     x)) =>  3.0

See Also:

Section (Restarts), Section (Interfaces to Restarts), invoke-restart, store-value (function), ccase, check-type, ctypecase, use-value (function and restart)

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