5.2 Tracing options

There are a number of options available when using the trace facilities, which allow you both to restrict or expand upon the information printed during a trace. For instance, you can restrict tracing of a function to a particular process, or specify additional actions to be taken on function call entry and exit.

Note that the options and values available only apply to a particular traced function. Each traced function has its own, independent, set of options.

This section describes the options that are available. Each option can be set as described above.

5.2.1 Evaluating forms on entry to and exit from a traced function

5.2.2 Evaluating forms without printing results

5.2.3 Using the debugger when tracing

5.2.4 Entering stepping mode

5.2.5 Configuring function entry and exit information

5.2.6 Directing trace output

5.2.7 Restricting tracing

5.2.8 Storing the memory allocation made during a function call

5.2.9 Tracing functions from inside other functions

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005