22.5.2 Layout of memory

This is Operating System-dependent:

On Windows LispWorks is mapped at #x20000000 , and in principle can grow up to some distance below #x80000000 (almost 1.5Gb). In practice there is always the possibility that some DLL will be mapped in this region. On startup, LispWorks reserves 0.5Gb above its location, so that much is guaranteed.

On Linux LispWorks is mapped at #x20000000 , but you can map it elsewhere as described under --relocate-image address. In principle LispWorks can grow up to some distance below #x80000000 (close to 1.5Gb). In practice, the shared libraries are always mapped somewhere in this space. LispWorks now has a mechanism to automatically skip over the libraries, and hence grow up to around 1.4Gb.

On both Solaris and Mac OS X LispWorks is mapped at #x10000000 . In principle it can grow to almost #x80000000 (the libraries are at higher addresses).

On HPUX LispWorks is mapped at #x50000000 , because it cannot use the first quadrant. The libraries are also mapped at the same quadrant, at around #x7a000000 , so the total size can be a little more than 0.5Gb.

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005