21.6 External Formats and File Streams

The :external-format argument of open and related functions should be an ef-spec, where the name can be :default . The symbol :default is the default value.

In this section, an ef-spec is "complete" if and only if the name is not :default and the parameters include :eol-style .

All external formats have an :eol-style parameter and if it is not explicit in an ef-spec a default is used. The allowed values are


This is the default on Unix/Linux systems, meaning that lines are terminated by Linefeed.


This is the default on Windows, meaning that lines are terminated by Carriage-Return followed by Linefeed.


Lines are terminated by Carriage-Return.

21.6.1 Using complete external formats

21.6.2 Guessing the external format

21.6.3 External formats and stream-element-type

21.6.4 External formats and the LispWorks Editor

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