14.2.2 Finding out about processes

The system initializes a number of processes on startup. These processes are specified by mp:*initial-processes* .

The current process is specified by mp:*current-process* . A list of all the current processes is returned by mp:list-all-processes . The function mp:ps is analogous to the UNIX command ps , and returns a list of the processes in the system, ordered by priority.

To find a process when you know its name, use mp:find-process-from-name . To find the name, when you have the process, use mp:process-name . The variable mp:*process-initial-bindings* specifies the variables that are initially bound in a process.

When a process has stopped, you can find a list of reasons why by calling mp:process-arrest-reasons . To obtain a list of the reasons why a process is running, call mp:process-run-reasons . Both these lists can be changed using setf , though it is not normally necessary to add arrest reasons.

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005