12.1.1 Controlling appearance of found definitions

The commands Find Source , Find Source for Dspec and Find Tag retrieve the file containing a definition and place it in a buffer with the relevant definition visible. By default, the start of the definition is in the middle of the Editor window and is highlighted.

The variable editor:*source-found-action* controls the position and highlighting of the found definition. The value should be a list of length 2.

The first element controls the positioning of the definition:

t means show it at the top of the editor window.

a non-negative fixnum means position it that many lines from the top.

nil means position it at the center of the window.

The second element can be :highlight , meaning highlight the definition, or nil , meaning don't.

For example, to configure the editor so that found definitions are positioned at the top of the window and are not highlighted, do

(setq editor: *source-found-action* '(t nil))

This variable is set in the file a-dot-lispworks.lisp .

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005