17 The WIN32 Package (including DDE)

This chapter describes the symbols available in the WIN32 package, including reference entries for Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

The functions are listed in three sections: general WIN32 symbols not concerned with DDE, the client interface reference entries which list all the DDE functions involved in providing client DDE functionality, and the server interface reference entries, which cover DDE server functionality. You should use the DDE sections in conjunction with the relevant chapter in the LispWorks User Guide .

Note: this chapter applies only to LispWorks for Windows, and not the UNIX, Linux or Mac OS X platforms.

Note: the WIN32 package is not a supported implementation of the Win32 API. Define your own interfaces to Windows functions as you need - see the LispWorks Foreign Language Interface User Guide and Reference Manual for details.

17.1 General WIN32 symbols

17.2 DDE client interface reference entries

17.3 DDE server interface reference entries

LispWorks Reference Manual - 6 Apr 2005