13.3.2 The Stream Text Cursor Protocol

The following generic functions comprise the stream text cursor protocol. Any extended output stream class must implement methods for these generic functions.

stream-text-cursor [Generic Function]

Arguments: stream

(setf stream-text-cursor) [Generic Function]

Arguments: cursor stream

Summary: Returns (or sets) the text cursor object for the stream stream .

stream-cursor-position [Generic Function]

Arguments: stream

Summary: Returns the current text cursor position for the extended output stream stream as two integer values, the x and y positions.

(setf* stream-cursor-position) [Generic Function]

Arguments: x y stream

Summary: Sets the text cursor position of the extended output stream stream to x and y . x and y are in device units, and must be integers. For the details of setf* , see C.4, Multiple-Value Setf

stream-increment-cursor-position [Generic Function]

Arguments: stream dx dy

Summary: Moves the text cursor position of the extended output stream stream relatively, adding dx to the x coordinate and dy to the y coordinate. Either of dx or dy may be nil , meaning the the x or y cursor position will be unaffected. Otherwise, dx and dy must be integers.

CommonLisp Interface Manager 2.0 User's Guide - 30 Jul 2004