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The toggle-button gadget provides "on/off" switch behavior. This gadget typically appears as a recessed or prominent box. If the box is recessed, the gadget's value is t ; if it is prominent, the value is nil .

arm-callback will be invoked when the toggle button becomes armed (such as when the pointer moves into it, or a pointer button is pressed over it). When the toggle button is actually activated (by releasing the pointer button over it), value-changed-callback will be invoked. Finally, disarm-callback will be invoked after value-changed-callback , or when the pointer is moved outside of the toggle button.


Summary: The class that implements an abstract toggle button. It is a subclass of value-gadget and labelled-gadget-mixin .


Summary: This initializes the indicator type property for the gadget.

toggle-button-indicator-type [Generic Function]

Arguments: toggle-button

Summary: Returns the indicator type for the toggle button. This will be either :one-of or :some-of . The indicator type controls the appearance of the toggle button. For example, many toolkits present a one-of-many choice differently from a some-of-many choice.

gadget-value [Generic Function]

Arguments: (value-gadget toggle-button )

Summary: Returns t if the button is selected; otherwise, it returns nil .


Summary: The class that implements a portable toggle button; a subclass of toggle-button .

CommonLisp Interface Manager 2.0 User's Guide - 30 Jul 2004