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15.11 Editor changes

This section describes new features and other changes in the LispWorks editor, which is used in the Editor tool of the LispWorks IDE.

See the LispWorks Editor User Guide for details of these changes. This section is not relevant to LispWorks for Mobile Runtime.

15.11.1 Improved editor handling of byte order mark in Unicode

The Editor now handles the byte order mark (BOM) in UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 formatted files better. The byte order mark is removed when opening a file in these external-formats and added back when writing a file in UTF-16 and UTF-32 formats. It is not added back when writing in UTF-8 format because that can cause problems for some other programs.

15.11.2 Face objects documented

The system class editor:face and the function editor:make-face are now documented.

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