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15.5 GTK+ window system

LispWorks uses GTK+ as the default window system for CAPI and the LispWorks IDE on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX and x86/x64 Solaris. GTK+ is also supported on Mac OS X as an alternative to Cocoa. LispWorks requires GTK+ 2 (version 2.4 or higher).

Note: LispWorks on SPARC Solaris does not support GTK+.

A few known problems are documented on Problems with CAPI on GTK+.

15.5.1 Using Motif instead of GTK+

Use of Motif with LispWorks on Linux, FreeBSD, x86/x64 Solaris, Mac OS X and AIX is deprecated, but it is available by:

(require "capi-motif")

To use LispWorks 7.1 with Motif you also need Imlib2 (on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and AIX) or Imlib (on Solaris) installed, as described earlier in this manual.

15.5.2 X11/Motif requires Imlib2 instead of Imlib

LispWorks 7.1 requires Imlib2 1.4.3 or later to use the Motif GUI on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and AIX. Previous versions of LispWorks required Imlib, which is a different library and is still required on Solaris.

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