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Default value:

(when (or (delivery-value :keep-debug-mode)
          (delivery-value :keep-modules)
          (<= *delivery-level* 2))

If this is nil, the load function is deleted. Run time loading is no longer possible when this is done, whether or not require is being used.

It can take two non-nil values:


Keeps the loading code required to load data files.


Keeps the code as for t, plus those internal functions that are required for loading Lisp code. Note that if the Lisp code uses functions that are shaken, these functions must be explicitly kept.

Note: In most cases you need to keep the COMMON-LISP (CL) package if files might be loaded into your application, and probably some other packages too. (See :packages-to-keep.)

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 10 Aug 2017