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Default value: (if (delivery-value :keep-debug-mode) :default nil)

The value of the :clos-initarg-checking keyword controls whether CLOS checks initialization arguments. Initializations checked can include:

If the value is t and :keep-clos is t, :full-dynamic-definition or :method-dynamic-definition then all of these checks are switched on.

If the value is t and :keep-clos is nil, :no-dynamic-definition or :meta-object-slots then only the make-instance checking is switched on, and the other checks are switched off.

If the value is :default, the checks are not affected by the delivery process. See the function clos:set-clos-initarg-checking for instructions on controlling the checks in this situation.

If the value is nil, then all of these checks are switched off.

Note: :clos-initarg-checking always affects the behavior of the delivered application, regardless of :keep-clos.

Note: :keep-debug-mode retains the current setting of CLOS initialization checks (as set by :clos-initarg-checking or clos:set-clos-initarg-checking), rather than forcing the checks to be switched on.

Affected by: :keep-debug-mode, :keep-clos

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