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13.5 Making a smaller delivered image

Having delivered a standalone image successfully, we can look into delivering a smaller one. To do this we adjust the parameters passed to deliver in the delivery script. The typical approach is to experiment with parameters until you find a set that produces the smallest possible working image from your application.

There are many ways to make the image smaller, but the simplest is to increase the delivery level specified to the deliver function. See How to deliver a smaller and faster application for more details.

13.5.1 Increasing the delivery level

Applications that do not use any of Common Lisp's more dynamic features (creating classes at run time, evaluating arbitrary code) can usually be delivered all the way up to the maximum level of 5 without breaking. Our Othello game is one such application.

Try re-delivering the Othello game at different levels. Do this by editing your delivery script, changing the third argument to deliver to a number between 0 and 5 inclusive.


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